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Lady Moon Photo by Austin Donohue

Lady Moon & The Eclipse is a multicultural ensemble based in New York. Through soaring vocal textures and R&B/afrobeat-influenced rhythms, the multicultural community create inspirational music that explores the cosmic soul; a journey to become one's best self. Lady Moon lead singer and songwriter, carries the essence of the Moon sending a message of love, peace, and light, while the musicians serve as the Sun shining light upon her. The audience represents the Earth, also known as the Star People of Earth, completing the metaphorical eclipse. With a marked emphasis on inclusivity and spiritual unity, Lady Moon explores positive music through the live experience to grow and make a difference in her community and in the world.

Journey to the Cosmic Soul, the group’s debut full-length album out on all streaming platforms, double vinyl, and CD; was recorded and arranged in three phases were named after each celestial body that align during an eclipse: the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon.  Each of these phases is an exploration of a different aspect of being: Sun = Mind, Earth = Body, Moon = Soul. This concept is used to guide our journey through the musical universe we call “Cosmic Soul"; one of infinite creativity and imagination.

"neosoul with a cross-genre bent that manifests through Afrobeat, gospel and funk. The result is charmingly retro"
- New York Times
"They stole my soul, they stole it nurtured it, realigned it and gently returned it. I was entranced. They captured the room with their textured tones, group rhythm and extraordinary aurora."
- TransitBlog

Thank you for supporting our album


 to success!! Journey to the Cosmic Soul out on all platforms

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